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Understanding the different types of moving lifts

Moving homes or offices poses various logistical challenges, not least of which is transporting heavy and bulky items. The choice of moving lift is crucial in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the move. For those needing to navigate tight spaces or reach higher floors, selecting the right type of lift can make a significant difference.

Furniture lifts: robust solutions for heavy lifting

For substantial items like pianos or large furniture, furniture lifts offer the strength and capacity needed. These lifts can reach higher floors, simplifying the moving process for hefty objects.

  • Dimensions 5.50 x 1.70 x 3.20 meters (L x W x H)
  • Load capacity 400 kg
  • Ladder length 27 meters (in many cases up to the 8th floor)

Trailer lifts: flexible and maneuverable for tight spaces

Trailer lifts are invaluable in urban environments or areas where space is at a premium. Their maneuverability makes them perfect for navigating through narrow passageways and crowded city streets.

  • Dimensions 4×0.87×1.5meters(LxWxH)
  • Load capacity 250 kg
  • Ladder length 18 meters (in many cases up to the 4th floor)

GEDA lifts: versatile and compact for restricted areas

When space is particularly constrained, GEDA lifts are an ideal solution. These compact lifts can be set up to maneuver through tight entryways, facilitating moves in even the most confined spaces.

  • Load capacity 250 kg
  • Ladder length max 20 meters
  • Ladder length max 20 meters (in many cases up to the 3th floor)

Key considerations when selecting a moving lift

Assessing building height and lift reach

The altitude of your edifice dictates the vertical capabilities required from your lift. The Furniture Lift, for instance, boasts an impressive reach up to the 7th floor, proving indispensable for substantial moves. Conversely, for mid-range elevations, the Trailer Lift is adept up to the 4th floor, whereas the GEDA Lift, with its 20 meters reach, is apt for lower-rise locations.

Weighing the load: lift capacity for your items

A meticulous evaluation of the mass of the items to be relocated is non-negotiable. The Furniture Lift, with its robust 400 kg capacity, is tailored for ponderous items. In comparison, the Trailer Lift’s 300 kg limit caters to moderately heavy goods, and the GEDA Lift’s 250 kg threshold accommodates lighter loads.

Access and maneuverability: choosing the right fit

Urban landscapes and their constraints necessitate a moving lift that can navigate them with finesse. The Trailer Lift shines in such scenarios, maneuvering through cramped quarters with ease. However, when faced with the most restrictive spaces, the GEDA Lift emerges as the ideal candidate, capable of threading through narrow passageways and backyards with precision.

Lifting Your Move to New Heights with

Every moving scenario has its peculiarities, and these factors must be addressed holistically to determine the most fitting lift solution. The correct choice ensures not only the protection of your belongings but also the expeditious and cost-effective completion of your move. For expert advice and assistance in selecting the perfect moving lift for your unique needs, visit

Seamless moves with the right Lift choice:

Selecting the appropriate moving lift can dramatically streamline your relocation process. When it comes to moving heavy or bulky items, a Furniture Lift offers unrivaled strength, easily handling items and extending up to higher floors. For urban settings with narrow pathways, the Trailer Lift is a game-changer, providing the flexibility needed to maneuver through tight spaces. Meanwhile, the GEDA Lift is perfect for spaces that other lifts can’t reach, like backyards or interiors with standard doorways. Assessing your specific moving conditions, such as height restrictions, weight of items, and accessibility, will guide you to the most suitable lift option, ensuring your move is as seamless as possible.

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Author: Shan Morshedian

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